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Super Bowl: Planning Party Tips

The Big Game is around the corner, here are some entertaining tips from CONDESA DESIGN AND PRODUCTION for all you football fans out there.
CLEAR TELEVISION: Make sure your television is clear and crisp. To add clarity wipe it down and fix any “fuzz”. This is going be the focus of the event, make it stand out.

PIZZA IS SO PASSE: Plan for simple, yet fun buffet options. Sushi, chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, chili, veggie platters or even tacos. A small variety adds flavor and satisfies everyone’s cravings.

KISS (Keep it Simple Silly): Do not prepare foods that will keep you in the kitchen! You are meant to have fun with everyone else.

LIQUID DIET: Plan on plenty of beverages, and don’t forget the beer and ice!

DECORATE!!! Use team colors, footballs, team jerseys, goal posts, and pennants. But don’t knock yourself out. Decorating just adds a little more spunk to an already exciting day. Have an area for those who are not “crazy about football”. This can be a room near the game or even the backyard. Just make sure you do not completely separate them from the game.  Have lots of paper towels, napkins and rug cleaner handy for messes created during exciting plays. We know how excited fans can get. It is important to be prepared.

DON’T FORGET S.C.  Not Sports Central, but Second Course. As you have Sports Central on the TV for the highlights, have the Second Course of fun ready to go. Have a few light activities available for those who will continue to hang out. Cards and music are always good choice. Food wise: have coffee, tea and some desserts on hand. Small light cupcakes are always a back up choice.

Lastly, and most importantly, do not forget to cheer loudly for your team! Your spirit will make your Super Bowl party unique and memorable.